Student Testimonials

I’m mahima Kulkarni. I’ve done fashion styling from insd.I’ve learnt a lot from my mentor,megha mam.she is the best teacher I’ve ever got in my life.I got to know soo many things from her about Fashion. As a Insd Studant,I got an opportunity to participate in Pune times fashion week. I’m very grateful that I got such a good institute and mentor.
Mahima Kulkarni
Student of Fashion Styling
Being at INSD Pune Deccan, Kothrud was a wonderful experience. I got to learn a lot to go beyond the blues and to experiment with different ideas and with different concepts With the help of Megha ma’am we could put our imagination to reality she’s is the most amazing mentor we have. Being a teacher is a great skill but she possesses the art of being a friend too. This quality of hers a surprised me. More than that it allowed me to express my ideas openly. She has always been a great inspiration. She always kept us open to the new opportunities and always stood by our side. We are very thankful to have her as our guide. Thank to INSD Pune Deccan , Kothrud and Megha ma’am for all the support and help.
Mast. Vinayak madne
Student of Fashion Styling
INSD College was the first college I have searched for joining and impressed by it’s outlook. After joining I had supportive mentor and faculties, beautiful campus, quality education, real world experience, and amazing friends. Learning at INSD bought an added value to my life. It gave me an opportunity to meet different kind of people and learn number of things. I would like to thank to our mentor Megha maam for putting in all the efforts to groom us and make us professionals. She is always there to give an unbiased opinion. She gives me perspective and sometimes makes me think about things in a different light. It’s great to have someone giving me advice who has made something of their career because you can draw from their experiences. It was a wonderful experience at INSD.
Ms. Racahana Jagdale
Student of Fashion Styling
I feel proud to be INSDian! It has been a great experience till date. Joining INSD was far one of my best choice I have ever made. Great Opportunities and exposure to all the students come naturally here. the faculties are very friendly which makes learning and enjoyable experience. A teacher is a person who always helps to get knowledge and always stands besides the students when and then required. I take this opportunity to thank my Mentor Megha maam with deep respect and gratitude..!! You are everything one could look for in a good mentor. You groomed us to sound prefessionals and made working with you an interesting and memorable experience. I will always be grateful to you for your support and kindness. THANK YOU!!!!
Ms. Nitu Lohar
Student of Fashion Styling
I’m pursuing Masters program in Interior design from INSD Corporate Branch. I belong to a business class family, living in Delhi NCR. I completed my schooling in 2010 in science stream, and then I realized that science is not my cup of tea. I did my under graduation from MAAC (Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematic) where I pursued a course in Animation and Visual Effects. I resigned my job and decided to study further and then I joined INSD (International School of Design) to study Interior Design and Technology and will be completing my course in 2017. Nobody can bring that fire of being someone in you, until and unless you want to be that persona, everyone can only guide you and can share their experiences, and this is what I learn everyday here at INSD. Practicality of the career I have chosen is nurtured here at INSD every day. I have experienced quite a lot here at INSD. I have grown so much from being a good human to an innovative designer. I admire and cherish all the moments that INSD has given me so far and I’m sure there are many more to come. After the completion of my course, I’m planning to gain some practical knowledge about designing field and finally would launch my own brand for an exclusive Interior and Furniture Design consultancy.
Ms. Rashi Verma
Student, Masters Programme in ID, Class of 2017
I was born and brought up in NEW DELHI, India. I belong to a Middle class family. I completed my schooling from a government school. I am pursuing Advance diploma in fashion designing. I am in INSD for the past 1 year, and I decided to choose fashion designing as my career after 12th because I want to achieve my dreams and reach to higher heights. I am very much fond of luxury designer clothing. Iplan to launch my own Designer label, on behalf of my observing power to fulfill my dreams. I’m very much inspired by SABYASACHI MUKHERJEE, SHANTANU AND NIKHIL and MANISH MALHOTRA because they are the ones who have really worked hard in their life to establish them… And I aspire to reach to their level soon. I am very happy to be an Insdiian.. As INSD has given me many opportunities to learn the work practically by conducting workshops, guest lectures by Industry expertsand fashion shows like ‘Think Design’ The INSD fashion show and India runway week and giving us big platform as the budding designers, and the most significant thing is wenow know how the industry works from backend to the front end. I feel experience plays a very important role to achieve your goals, and INSD is providing me a lot of experience.
Ankit Khera
Student, Ad. Diploma Programme in FD, Class of 2017
I am from Ghaziabad. I have completed my schooling in 2011 from New Delhi. I belong to a middle-class family and my parents are from a business background. I am in my 1st year at an International school of design pursuing fashion designing. I’m pursuing fashion design as a career because I have an Interest in designing, creating & innovating new designs. International School of Design prepares us for our career by guiding us the right path for our career and providing us with the best and experienced faculty from the industry to prepare us for our best in the future.INSD keeps organizing guest lectures, workshops, industrial visits, educational trips, fashion shows very frequently. I have experienced the best of the industry learning here at INSD, I am enjoying studying here as I keep getting innovative ideas from the faculty and the industry leaders which come here for workshops and guest lectures. The faculty here makes our work so much more fun and also motivates us whenever needed.
Chakit Tondak
Student, Bachelors Programme in FD, Class of 2018
I am from New Delhi, India. I’m pursuing interior designing from International school of designing corporate branch, New Delhi. Class of 2016. I am a design student from past 3 years. I’m very passionate about designing and I choose this as my career because I want to be an interior designer. I like designing furniture, house plans and many more. INSD is helping me in giving me valuable knowledge in designing. They have the best faculty, good ambience, modern infrastructure everything which is much needed for a design student. They give a platform to show case my own designs at Exhibitions. My favorite classes were where I learned about the different types of perspectives of designing and I enjoyed every class because it gave me a valuable knowledge. Overall it’s an amazing experience here at INSD
Akhilesh Kumar
Student, Bachelors Programme in ID, Class of 2016
Hi! I am pursuing Fashion design course from International school of design, corporate branch at Gujranwala town, Delhi. As a child, I always wanted to be a guitarist but later on after completing my school, I realized that designing and innovating new things is what fascinates me. I excelled myself in creating new designs. I decided to opt for fashion design as a career. Fashion for me is not in clothes but all around everywhere. It’s been a year as a design student at INSD and I have acquired a lot. New clothing and accessories always attract me and inspire me to recreate them in a new manner. Fashion Design department at INSD insists the students studying Fashion design and Textile design to examine actual garments first hand in order to fully understand textile drape, pattern structure, and finishing techniques. Students, researchers, designers, and the public are welcome to visit by appointment. With INSD Fashion events each year, smaller installations, there are frequent Guest lectures by Industry experts and hosts conferences. I particularly admire Indian Designers Shantanu and Nikhil because according to me the best we can create and the best we can explore is only through drapes and they show that in a contrary manner. There designs are the perfect blend of contemporary with vintage and royal. Being at INSD makes me feel so proud about myself as I have grown so much professionally & personally. The faculties and administrators are always there motivating us. They guide us with best and the most remarkable ideas. It helped me a lot as they took out me from my comfort zone and made me think of unique and out of the box ideas. We have benevolent faculties who are there to guide me us every possible way. The best experience I have had at INSD was participation in India Runway Week as a Designer. INSD not only guided me about how the fashion industry works but also got me practically experience it too. I have participated in “Think Design” The INSD Fashion show as a designer and represented my collection and learned a lot from start to the end. I got wide coverage by 15 newspapers and interviews. It was an eye opener to feel how designers get inspired and how they execute it. INSD have always made me learn things thru the cutting edge. I have learned the prospective of analyzing things in a new manner here. I have always been inspired and motivated at every step which made me feel that I am always a step ahead for achieving my goal for being a Fashion Stylist. INSD remains dedicated to preparing leaders in the global industries of fashion, visual arts, interior design, and entertainment.
Ms. Chavi Garg
Student, Bachelors Programme in FD, Class of 2017
My hometown is Indore but currently I’m staying in New Delhi. I have completed my schooling from New Delhi. I’m pursing Interior design & Technology from International school of design. I have been a design student since 2009, I have completed my 3 years honors diploma in interior design and decorating. I got interested in designing when I was in tenth standard. I love creating things like crafts, drafts, designing textures and I also love experimenting with colors and graphics and want to be a professional in this field for which I feel my decision to study at INSD was the best. INSD is the best platform for a student to learn and achieve their goal in Design industry. It helps you and gives you good career opportunities for your future goals and guides you at every step and grooms you to face challenges which will be up coming in our career. At INSD there are so many good experiences and workshops which we get to attend. We have group discussions, grooming classes, Business communication classes, workshops, Motivational guest lecturers from the Industry leaders. It had been a great experience and very interesting journey at INSD.
Anupreet Kaur Deol
Student, Bachelors Programme in ID, Class of 2017
I live in New Delhi. Having finished my high school from Goodley public school, Shalimar Bagh. I’m now pursing Bachelors programme in Interior designing from INSD. Now it’s being two years since I joined interior designing Bachelors course at INSD Corporate Branch after my school. I had decided to choose this career as I’m fond of doing creative things. As I always wondered that how a simple structure made up of bricks is converted into a beautiful art piece. So therefore, I decided to pursue interior designing as my career. When I was searching for a good Institute that could give a right direction to my career, than I came to know about INSD. This Institute had played an important role for building up my career. As I was from commerce background and initially know nothing about interior designing and architecture, the faculty of this Institute had cleared my concept from basic level. With their proper guidance and continuous support, now the scenario is that in just first two years of my study at INSD, I have already completed three projects in freelancing worksuccessfully. Although, all classes are my favorite classes, but I do enjoy building construction and graphic classes the most. There have been lots of fun & educational experiences at INSD so far, that I will never forget, which includes, group discussion, guest lectures given by the renowned personalities, working in various events organized by INSD such as India Runway Week fashion show. My future plan is to establish my own business of interior designing. I want to specialize in designing residential sector. If I will get a good job opportunity in this field, than definitely I will go for it. In short I want to become a renowned interior designer.
Ms. Pooja Ashra
Student, Bachelors programme in ID, Class of 2017
Hi! I am from Bikaner Rajasthan. Having done my schooling from spring days model public school Ashok Vihar, New Delhi I am now Pursuing interior designing from International School of Design, Corporate branch delhi.INSD has helped me a lot in preparing for my dreams and make a strong footing in my career, they have given me great insights to the core of interior design, projects, hands on experiences and now I am now very confident to step out into this industry with confidence & pride.. I had the best time of my life at INSD.INSD surely helps you achieve your dreams. Cheers to INSD !
Ms. Vinita Lahoti
Student, Bachelors Programme in ID, Class of 2016
Hello I am Asawari Sutar, and I am learning Interior design at INSD. INSD is a really good College and I have learnt a lot about Interior Designing here. Our teachers help us in our studies and assignments.All our mentors are very friendly and supportive.Studying online wasn't easy but our mentors tried their best to make our lectures interesting. Now in offline lectures it feels like we are having real education with fun. We have offline lectures, site visits and workshops organized from time to time, which gives us best practical knowledge. Now whenever my friends ask about colleges for INTERIOR DESIGN Or any other courses I always tell them about INSD. Being INSDIAN feels really Proud... Thank you…I'm pursuing BSc Interior Designing from International School Of Design pune. I have started wih online lectures. It was not that easy to study online but all teachers made it possible. Now coming for offline classes I'm loving it and understanding everything smoothly and getting to learn more practical knowledge. Our college also conducts market surveys and workshops. I have completed a vastu shastra workshop with a site visit and it was a great accomplishment. We visited a furniture fair which made us clear all concepts about furniture and accessories. Softwares is such an important part of our lives today. We get to learn 2d and 3d softwares like Autocad, Google Sketchup, Revit and Photoshop. I feel grateful to have all the mentors as they are so friendly and helpful. I'm thankful to all faculties for their guidance and hope. I would stand on their expectations and become a successful interior designer.
Ms. Asawari Sutar
Student, Interior Design
Hii...I'm Simantini Marape currently pursuing B.DES in Interior Designing.Words are falling short while describing INSD.A place with talented and smart faculties. Where all seniors juniors are treated equal and gets all the opportunities equally. Many of the amazing opportunities like partication in an international level competition or co-curricular activities with all fun. Also the foundation courses conducted in the beginning made all our basics clear which was not conducted by any other institutes. Always trying hard to get good outcome for their students. The best part that I feel is many of the webinars and seminars are conducted for students benefits and makes us interact with all the foreigners which makes us more confident to interact freely to anyone around us.Inspite of covid conditions, Nevertheless, INSD is making the best out of the worst.
Ms. Simantini Marape
Student, B.DES in Interior Designing