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Jewellery designing is one of the most popular career options in the design industry right now. It’s a career for someone who has a good sense of fashion and accessories but is attracted towards all things that sparkle and are expensive.
A jewellery design career option is for people who pay very close attention to details and are inclined towards intricate work.
The Jewellery Designing Course curriculum is designed in such a manner that it will cover all aspects of the field such as different types of stones, design themes, presentations, jewellery costing and jewellery making and diamond grading etc. We also teach Computer-aided design in terms of the jewellery field. Candidates get to learn the art of working with precious metals, alloys and the mathematics that goes into the manufacturing of contemporary and antique jewellery items. During the course of study  many internship opportunities under renowned jewellery houses, practical workshops are conducted by jewellery designers and guest lecturers to give a more in-depth glimpse into the workings of the industry. If You want to build a career in Jewellery Designing, we offer you an ample number of courses to start with Jewellery Designing Courses in Pune at INSD Kothrud.

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      Career Paths:

      • Jewellery Designer
      • Jewellery Merchandiser
      • Jewellery Blogger
      • Jewellery Journalist
      • Manufacturer
      • Lecturer/professor
      • Casting Manager
      • Jewellery Social media manager 
      • Marketing Head/assistant
      • Sales Representative
      • Jewellery Consultant
      • Jewellery Stylist
      • Entrepreneur
      • Diamond Grader
      • Gemologist 
      • Craftsman
      • Freelancer
      • Lapidary
      • Gemstone Appraiser
      • Jewellery Setter
      • Assorter
      • Jewellery Historian
      • Auction House Cataloger
      • Accessory Designer

      Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Jewellery Designer

      • Designing jewellery manually or in CAD software 
      • If specialises in gemology or diamond grading they can help assess quality of gemstones and also grade diamonds on the basis of 4’Cs 
      • Understands clients requirements and creates designs taking into account occasion, material, budget and style 
      • Visual Merchandiser in jewellery can help stores have appealing interiors and work on window displays as well as store layouts that can boost up walk-ins and sale of the brand
      • Designers need to be updated on new trends, research and market requirements in order to plan out new collections and forecast what will work in the future 
      • Helping craftsmen and manufacturers understand the workings of their design and bridging the gap between designer and the final manufactured product 
      • Manages social media, website content and new launches if required for the brand 
      • Runs a business from scratch or freelancer according to what projects interest the style
      Jewellery Designing Courses Offered: UG / PG Courses

      UG: Bachelors Programmes – 4 Years Specialization Course ( Eligibility : 10+2 )

      UG: Bachelors Programmes – 3 Years Specialization Course ( Eligibility : 10+2 )

      2 Years Advance Course ( Eligibility 10+2 )

      Diploma in Jewellery 1 year

      Advance Diploma 1 Year

      Certificate Program- 6 Months (Eligibility: 10th)

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      One must develop the skill of creative thinking and a vision to transform the jewellery industry with their ideas. Drawing and computer aided design skills are a must for flourishing in this design field. All of which are covered in our courses.

      Following are Jewellery Designing Courses You Can Do

      • DIPLOMA – 1 YEAR (ELIGIBILITY: 10+2 )

      Yes, We have Post Graduation Jewellery Designing Courses.


      Yes, Of course. We offer Bachelors, Masters & Diploma Programmes after 10th & 12th

      Yes, You can. Because INSD Brings you a solution with Industry oriented Degree Program without Education Gap.

      Its Depends on the Programme you have to choose, Minimum 6 Months required for Basic Jewellery Designing Certification Course & for Graduation 4 Years.

      Mentor Profile’s

      Sonali Tribhuvan

      Jewellery Designer | Visual Merchandiser | Content Writer | Social Media Manager | Professor | Alumni of University of Arts London
      Head Of The Department
      Sonali has an overall experience of 7+ years in the Jewellery Industry. She has worked as freelance Visual Merchandiser and Designer for many renowned jewellery brands. Her strength in content writing and social media management comes from Preeta Agarwal, who she has worked for and has also been an editorial assistant on her book named Bejewelled Finds. She did her Master’s in Jewellery Design from Central Saint Martins, London. Has been a project manager for many Jewellery Intensive programmes being conducted abroad and in India for jewellery specialists, entrepreneurs and students. Her resilience to work and punctuality towards given projects is what stands out. She makes sure her students gain knowledge but also encourages them to work by themselves, research individually and bring out their strength in different fields of design. She has been the HoD at INSD now for 3+ years and sharing her different experiences with faculties and students.

      Mayur Amilkanthwar

      Academic Head

      He is a software engineer, who pursued Interior Designing as his career. Driven by immense passion for the field he has over five years of experience in commercial and residential site projects.  

      Mayur also decided to share his knowledge with a new generation of interior designers by starting to teach in the field. He is a staunch believer of how theoretical and practical knowledge go hand in hand. He has an academic experience of 9 years and has taught more than 3000 students till date.  His outlook towards the field of education is about creating confident, bold and young designers who stand out and create breath-taking projects. 

      He is also the academic head of our institution for who’s skills of management and teamwork we absolutely appreciate

      Sonal Thorat

      Assistant Academic Head of the Department

      Sonal is the former Head Of The Department of Fashion. Who is now the Assistant Head of the Academics. Sonal comes with over 9+ years of experience working as a creative Fashion Designer and Mentor. She has always had a passion towards fashion. Her specialization lies in being an expert in Computer softwares for Fashion design like Corel Draw, Photoshop etc. Sonal is hardworking and enjoys managing her students and faculties along with planning for photoshoot events and fashion shows.

      Utkarsha Meshram

      Jewellery Designer, Faculty at INSD, Deccan
      Utkarsha has done her Bachelor’s in Jewellery Design. Gemology and Diamond Grading are her strong pursuit. She has been a part of the jewellery industry for last 3 years as a designer and has been working with us since a year now. Not only is she fantastic at her work but has experience in both International and Indian market design. She is sharing her knowledge and skills with students of INSD. Working every day to make an impact on the new generation of designers.

      Sunil Gadekar

      Sunil Gadekar has more than 10 years, of teaching experience. He specializes in fashion illustration, character design, and painting. His qualifications are ATD, GD Art, BFA and Dip. AED. He has trained more than 2000 plus students. He is sharing his experience with INSD for more than 3 years. Sunil sir not only teaches art and design to Jewellery students but to all the other design courses as well.

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