Advance Diploma Course in Animation

Advanced diploma in animation is a course that provides in-depth knowledge and training in the field of animation. It is a step above a basic diploma and is typically offered as a two or three year specialization program. The course is designed to teach students the skills and techniques needed to create high-quality animated content for a variety of mediums, including film, television, video games, and online platforms.

Overall, an advanced diploma in animation can provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to pursue a career in the animation industry or to advance their current careers in this field. It can also be a great way for students to explore their creative passions and see if a career in animation is right for them.

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      Course Duration - 2 Year

      Course Description:

      • In an advanced diploma course, students can expect to learn about the principles of animation, as well as how to use different software and tools to create dynamic and visually appealing animations.
      • The course may also cover topics such as character design, storyboarding, and compositing, as well as how to use different techniques such as 2D, 3D, and film analysis etc.

      Roles and Responsibilities:

      • Drawing in 2D to create sketches, artwork or illustrations
      • Designing 3D material projects and models
      • Developing the timing and pace of the movements of a character or object during the sequence of images and ensuring they follow the soundtrack and audio requirements
      • Using technical software packages
      • Building up accurate, detailed, frame-by-frame visuals
      • Working to production deadlines and meeting clients’ commercial requirements

      2 Years Advance Diploma Course in Animation: ( Eligibility 10+2 )

      3 Years Advance Diploma Course in Animation

      Create Your Own Animation with Animation Course in Pune – INSD Kothrud

      Mentor Profile’s

      Prasad Mali

      Head Of The Department
      Prasad Mali has more than 13 years, of teaching experience and 5 years of experience in production pipelines. He is an expert in his field, and specializes in 3D animation and VFX. He has an exceptional reputation of teaching more than 3000 students till date. He has worked with many reputed and renowned academies and institutes.

      Mayur Amilkanthwar

      Academic Head

      He is a software engineer, who pursued Interior Designing as his career. Driven by immense passion for the field he has over five years of experience in commercial and residential site projects.  

      Mayur also decided to share his knowledge with a new generation of interior designers by starting to teach in the field. He is a staunch believer of how theoretical and practical knowledge go hand in hand. He has an academic experience of 9 years and has taught more than 3000 students till date.  His outlook towards the field of education is about creating confident, bold and young designers who stand out and create breath-taking projects. 

      He is also the academic head of our institution for who’s skills of management and teamwork we absolutely appreciate

      Sonal Thorat

      Assistant Academic Head of the Department

      Sonal is the former Head Of The Department of Fashion. Who is now the Assistant Head of the Academics. Sonal comes with over 9+ years of experience working as a creative Fashion Designer and Mentor. She has always had a passion towards fashion. Her specialization lies in being an expert in Computer softwares for Fashion design like Corel Draw, Photoshop etc. Sonal is hardworking and enjoys managing her students and faculties along with planning for photoshoot events and fashion shows.

      Sunil Gadekar

      Sunil Gadekar has more than 10 years, of teaching experience. He specializes in fashion illustration, character design, and painting. His qualifications are ATD, GD Art, BFA and Dip. AED. He has trained more than 2000 plus students. He is sharing his experience with INSD for more than 3 years. Sunil sir not only teaches art and design to Animation students but to all the other design courses as well.

      Students Testimonials

      I’m pursuing Masters program in Interior design from INSD Corporate Branch. I belong to a business class family, living in Delhi NCR. I completed my schooling in 2010 in science stream, and then I realized that science is not my cup of tea.
      Ms. Rashi Verma
      Student , Masters Programme in ID, Class of 2017
      I was born and brought up in NEW DELHI, India. I belong to a Middle class family. I completed my schooling from a government school.
      Ankit Khera
      Student , Ad. Diploma Programme in FD, Class of 2017
      Hi! I am pursuing Fashion design course from International school of design, corporate branch at Gujranwala town, Delhi.
      Ms. Chavi Garg
      Student , Bachelors Programme in FD, Class of 2017
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