M.VOC in Fashion Design

The Mvoc Fashion Design at INSD Pune, course is an intensive program tailored to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of fashion design, from the foundational principles to advanced techniques. This course blends creativity with technical expertise, preparing students to excel in the fashion industry.

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Key Components of the Course

Basics of Design
  • Introduction to the fundamental principles of design.
  • Understanding elements such as line, shape, form, texture, and balance.
Fashion Illustrations
  • Techniques for sketching and illustrating fashion designs.
  • Developing skills in rendering fabrics, textures, and accessories.
Pattern Making
  • Learning the art of creating patterns for garments.
  • Techniques for drafting, draping, and digitizing patterns.
Colour Theory
  • Understanding the psychology and application of colors in fashion.
  • Exploring color harmony, contrast, and the impact of color on design.
Textile Theory
  • Comprehensive study of different fabrics and their properties.
  • Understanding the selection of textiles based on design requirements and functionality.
History of Costumes
  • Exploring the evolution of fashion and costume design through various historical periods.
  • Understanding the cultural and social influences on fashion trends.
Product Development
  • Introduction to the process of bringing a fashion product from concept to market.
  • Steps involved in prototyping, production, and quality control.
Photoshop for Fashion Design
  • Utilizing Adobe Photoshop for creating and editing fashion illustrations.
  • Techniques for digital rendering, pattern design, and presentation boards.
Communication Skills and Grooming
  • Developing effective communication skills for the fashion industry.
  • Personal grooming and professional etiquette for designers.
Portfolio Development
  • Guidance on creating a professional portfolio that showcases a variety of design projects.
  • Preparing students for job interviews and career opportunities in fashion design.

Responsibilities of a Fashion Designer After the Course

After completing the Mvoc Fashion Design course, graduates are equipped with the skills needed to take on various roles in the fashion industry. The responsibilities of a fashion designer typically include:

Concept Development
  • Creating original concepts and ideas for new fashion collections.
  • Conducting research to understand current trends, market needs, and consumer preferences.
Design Creation
  • Sketching and illustrating fashion designs.
  • Selecting appropriate fabrics, colors, and materials for each design.
Pattern Making and Garment Construction
  • Developing patterns and prototypes for new designs.
  • Overseeing the garment construction process to ensure accuracy and quality.
Trend Analysis
  • Keeping up-to-date with the latest fashion trends and forecasting future styles.
  • Analyzing market trends to inform design decisions.
Textile and Fabric Selection
  • Choosing the right textiles and fabrics for each design.
  • Ensuring that the materials meet the functional and aesthetic requirements of the garment.
Product Development and Manufacturing
  • Collaborating with manufacturers to produce fashion items.
  • Managing the product development process from initial design to final production.
Fashion Shows and Presentations
  • Organizing and participating in fashion shows to showcase new collections.
  • Preparing presentation boards and lookbooks for buyers and clients.
Marketing and Branding
  • Working with marketing teams to promote new designs and collections.
  • Developing a strong brand identity and ensuring consistent visual presentation.
Client Interaction
  • Communicating with clients to understand their needs and preferences.
  • Customizing designs based on client feedback and requirements.
Sustainability and Ethical Practices
  • Incorporating sustainable and ethical practices in the design and production process.
  • Staying informed about industry standards and regulations regarding sustainability.
Team Collaboration
  • Working closely with other designers, pattern makers, seamstresses, and marketers.
  • Ensuring smooth collaboration and efficient workflow within the design team.

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Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Fashion Designer

  • Researching current fashion trends and determining what consumers will like in the future
  • Collaborating with the design team to develop ideas for new products based on fashion forecast
  • Designing illustrations for new products depending on the current demand and brand requirement
  • Creating clothing patterns for mass production
  • Testing and deciding on fabrics, colors, patterns and textures for each design and material research
  • Maintaining relationships with vendors, suppliers, models, photographers and influencers
  • Developing CAD sketches to present to stakeholders and making mood boards for presentation
  • Customizing clothes according client specifications eg. wedding wear

M.VOC Fashion Designing


MVOCFD01Basic Of DesigningTheory/Practical152Hrs30
MVOCFD02Pattern Making TechniquesTheory/Practical302Hrs60
MVOCFD03Fashion IllustrationPractical152Hrs30
MVOCFD04History Of CostumesTheory/Practical152Hrs30
MVOCFD05Practical 1 – Product DevelopmentTheory/Practical152Hrs30
Internal Subjects
INSDFD01Pract - PhotoshopPractical122Hrs24
INSDFD02Color TheoryTheory/Practical82Hrs16
INSDFD03Inspiration ProjectTheory/Practical102Hrs20
1 Workshops


MVOCFD06Fashion FoundationTheory/Practical152Hrs30
MVOCFD07Textile TheoryTheory122Hrs24
MVOCFD08Pattern DevelopingTheory/Practical252Hrs50
MVOCFD09Practical 1 – CADPractical102Hrs20
MVOCFD10Practical 2 - GMTPractical252Hrs30
Internal Subjects
INSDFD04Grooming and Communication SkillsTheory/Practical102Hrs20
INSDFD05Basic Of FashionTheory/Practical182Hrs36
INSDFD06Study of Apparel MarketingPractical152Hrs30
1 Industry Visits
2 Workshops
Fashion Show Training


Mentor Profile's

Gunja Bhawnani

Head of the Department

She is heading the Fashion Design Department. She holds a Master’s Degree in Fashion Design and Clothing Technology.
She is an accomplished design professional with rich experience of 10+ years in various sectors of the industry. Like being a member of the Board of studies for a renowned university, HOD of fashion styling in a renowned institution, mentoring for several fashion shows, academic teaching, management and designing for fashion retailing. Apparel merchandising at export houses. She is a highly organized, self driven leader who believes in teamwork.

Mayur Amilkanthwar

Academic Head

He is a software engineer, who pursued Interior Designing as his career. Driven by immense passion for the field he has over five years of experience in commercial and residential site projects.

Mayur also decided to share his knowledge with a new generation of interior designers by starting to teach in the field. He is a staunch believer of how theoretical and practical knowledge go hand in hand. He has an academic experience of 9 years and has taught more than 3000 students till date. His outlook towards the field of education is about creating confident, bold and young designers who stand out and create breath-taking projects.

He is also the academic head of our institution for who’s skills of management and teamwork we absolutely appreciate

Sonal Thorat

Assistant Academic Head of the Department

Sonal is the former Head Of The Department of Fashion. Who is now the Assistant Head of the Academics. Sonal comes with over 9+ years of experience working as a creative Fashion Designer and Mentor. She has always had a passion towards fashion. Her specialization lies in being an expert in Computer softwares for Fashion design like Corel Draw, Photoshop etc. Sonal is hardworking and enjoys managing her students and faculties along with planning for photoshoot events and fashion shows.

Megha Panchal

Megha moved to Pune to pursue her degree in fashion designing from School Of Fashion Technology (S.O.F.T.). After graduation worked in the industry for 1.5 year. Started sustainable & eco-friendly label in partnership in 2019 for men & women. Styled celebrities like rupali ganguly etc. She started with her new sustainable label called OFAFO India, she is an Entrepreneur & a Mentor. She believes that everyone in fashion industry should learn and incorporate sustainability in their practices.

Sunil Gadekar

Sunil Gadekar has more than 10 years, of teaching experience. He specializes in fashion illustration, character design, and painting. His qualifications are ATD, GD Art, BFA and Dip. AED. He has trained more than 2000 plus students. He is sharing his experience with INSD for more than 3 years. Sunil sir not only teaches art and design to Animation students but to all the other design courses as well.

Rahul Bhuyarkar

Rahul Bhuyarkar,is basically an MBA with specialisation into International Business with over 20 years experience,in Fashion ,Textile and Teaching,he started his career with a Prominent Textile Mill ,by virtue of  keen interest  in Textile and Clothing, he got himself formally trained into Fashion from one of the Premier Institutes in India and started his own label in Pune,a desire to share his experience and knowledge he has earned over the years into Fashion and clothing business inspired him to get into Mentoring the students who aspire to become Fashion Designers.

Jayashree Patil

She’s a fashion designer with her specialisation in apparel merchandising. She has worked with apparel production houses for 2 years. Where she learnt to understand & studied the supply chain of the industry. As our country holds a vast history of culture and art, Jayashree has been training and guiding more than 500 students to polish their practical skills along with their theoretical knowledge.

Muskan Shauqi

Fashion designer by profession and passionate about passing on the knowledge of fashion and handicrafts. Expert in digital fashion, illustration and software needed in the fashion industry. Also skilled in garment construction, holding experience in visual merchandising and custom made garments and likes to experiment with new trends, western and Indian fashion.

Kalpana Shinde

Kalpana Shinde is a fashion faculty with over 15 years of experience in the fashion field. She holds a Master’s degree in Garment Manufacturing, an ITI Fashion Diploma, and a Master’s in Sociology. Her expertise lies in Garment Construction, Pattern Making, and Embroidery. She has worked at Yashwant Mahavidlya Nanded and Peoples College as a fashion faculty, and for 8 years at Suryadatta Institute as a faculty. Additionally, she served as the coordinator for 8 courses at MSBVEE. She also has experience as a Production Manager and Product Development Designer at Subha Petgear Solutions Pvt Ltd. Currently, she owns Pik’s Kreation, a kids’ wear manufacturing unit.

Student Testimonials

As a INSD Student, I got an opportunity to participate in Pune times fashion week. I’m very grateful that I got such a good institute and mentor.
Mahima Kulkarni
Student of Fashion Styling

Being at INSD Pune Deccan, Kothrud was a wonderful experience. I got to learn a lot to go beyond the blues and to experiment with different ideas and with different concepts With the help of Megha ma’am we could put our imagination to reality she’s is the most amazing mentor we have.

Mast. Vinayak madne
Student of Fashion Styling

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