Kothrud Campus
Furniture Workshop
Team Building Workshop 2023
Team Building Workshop 2023
Interior Presentation and Display
Farewell 2023
Farewell 2023
Mannequin Drap 2023
Mannequin Drap 2023
Fashion 2023
Fashion 2023
Exhibition 2023
Exhibition 2023
Pratibimb Pune Times Week 2022
Anuranj 2023
Anuranj 2023
Student Outings
Pratibimb Pune Times Week 2023
Pratibimb Pune Times Week 2023
Rhino CAD Jewellery work
Ganesh Chaturthi 2022
Pratibimb 2022
Anuranj 2022
Ganesh festival theme by Insdians
Pune Mirror Fashion Show
Corset Design Workshop
Popular Graphic Design Trends
Fresher’s Party
The International Study to Paris
Annual Jury by Industry Expert
In Conversation with Sonali
In Conversation with Greg McGovern
In Conversation with Dinesh Jambe
In Conversation with Siddhi Mapxencar
Pune Times Fashion Week 2019
Practical Discussion on Better Carrier Growth at INSD Pune
Workshop on Drap the Mannequin at INSD Pune
Workshop on WARLI Art at INSD PUNE
Workshop on ORIGAMI Craft at INSD PUNE
Hand crafted Jewellery making Workshop in INSD Pune
Warm Welcome to New Students at INSD Pune
Workshop on Khat Embroidery at INSD PUNE
Holi celebration at INSD Pune
INSD Pune Students Participated in Design Installations
Modular Kitchen Workshop
Practical Learning through Site Visit
Women’s Day celebration at INSD Pune
Pratibimb 2019
Eco Fashion 2018
Eco Fashion 2017
Miss Indian Diva 2017
India Runway Week
Mask Inspired from a movie
Design Workshop
Fashion Styling Shoot
Guru Purnima celebration
In Conversation with Bharat Gupta
2020 Wrapped & Delivered!
Student Activities at INSD
Denim Upcycle Workshop
Mastering Brand Design
Jewellery and Accessory work
Photography and VFX Workshop
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