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The Bachelor of Vocation (BVoc) in Graphic Design is an undergraduate program designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of the principles and practices of graphic design. This program combines theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience, preparing students to create visually compelling and effective designs for a wide range of media.

The BVoc in Graphic Design course covers fundamental topics such as design theory, color theory, typography, layout, and composition. Students learn to apply these principles to create aesthetically pleasing and functional designs. The curriculum also includes the study of art history and contemporary design trends, providing students with a broad context for their creative work.

A significant portion of the program is dedicated to developing technical skills. Students receive training in industry-standard software such as Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. They learn to use these tools to create digital illustrations, manipulate images, design layouts, and produce vector graphics. Additionally, students explore the basics of web design, motion graphics, and multimedia design, ensuring they have a well-rounded skill set.

Practical experience is emphasized throughout the BVoc in Graphic Design program. Students engage in a variety of projects and assignments that mimic real-world design challenges, allowing them to build a diverse portfolio of work. These projects range from branding and logo design to packaging, advertising, and digital media. The hands-on approach ensures that students can apply their knowledge and skills in practical scenarios.

The course also focuses on the development of soft skills that are crucial for a successful career in graphic design. Students learn effective communication techniques, project management skills, and how to work collaboratively in a team environment. Courses on marketing and business practices help students understand how to market their skills, manage client relationships, and navigate the business side of the design industry.

Moreover, the BVoc in Graphic Design program includes opportunities for internships and industry collaborations. These experiences provide students with valuable exposure to the professional world, helping them to develop a network of contacts and gain insights into the workings of the design industry. Such practical experiences are vital for bridging the gap between academic learning and professional application.

Upon completion of the BVoc in Graphic Design program, graduates are well-prepared to pursue various career paths in the design industry. They can work as graphic designers, web designers, UI/UX designers, art directors, branding specialists, and digital illustrators. The comprehensive education provided by the program ensures that graduates are versatile and equipped with the creative and technical skills necessary to thrive in the fast-paced and ever-evolving field of graphic design. This program is ideal for individuals with a passion for visual communication and a desire to bring their creative visions to life through innovative design solutions.

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Career Paths after Graphic Design Course:

  • Graphic Artist
  • Packaging Designer
  • Advertising Art Director
  • Web/Interactive Designer
  • User Interface Designer
  • Illustrator
  • Dtp Operator
  • Layout Designer
  • Developer For Interactive And E-Learning
  • Digital Storyboard Designer
  • 2d Animator
  • Art or Creative Director
  • Architecture and Engineering Drafter
  • Video and Film Editor
  • Graphic Designer
  • Product or Industrial Designer
  • Marketing Manager
  • Campaign Manager
  • Multimedia Artist

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Graphic Designer

  • Study design briefs and determine requirements
  • Schedule projects and define budget constraints
  • Conceptualize visuals based on requirements
  • Prepare rough drafts and present ideas
  • Develop illustrations, logos and other designs using software or by hand
  • Use the appropriate colors and layouts for each graphic
  • Work with copywriters and creative director to produce final design
  • Test graphics across various media
  • Amend designs after feedback
  • Ensure final graphics and layouts are visually appealing and on-brand

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Graduation of BVOC in Graphic Designing (Eligibility: 12th and above)


BVOCGD001Fundamentals of Design and DrawingTheory/Practical152Hrs30Hrs
BVOCGD002Concepts of Graphics and IllustrationTheory/Practical152Hrs30Hrs
BVOCGD003Image Editing (THEORY)Theory/Practical122Hrs24Hrs
BVOCGD004Design PrincipleTheory/Practical102Hrs20Hrs
BVOCGD005Color TheoryTheory/Practical32Hrs6Hrs
BVOSCGD006Adobe PhotoshopTheory/Practical222Hrs44Hrs


BVOCGD007Concept Of VectorTheory/Practical152Hrs30Hrs
BVOCGD009Adobe IllustratorTheory/Practical102Hrs20Hrs
BVOCGD010Adobe InDesignTheory/Practical152hrs30Hrs
BVOCGD011Typography and CalligraphyTheory/Practical202Hrs40Hrs
BVOCGD012Grooming and communication skillsTheory/Practical102Hrs20Hrs

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Mentor Profile's

Shashikant Ligade

Head Of The Department

He comes with 7 years, of experience in Graphics and web technologies. Graduated in Computer Applications, he takes great efforts to understand his students. Shashikant has an experience of teaching more than 1000 students till date. He has worked with many reputed and renowned academies. Now he is sharing his experience with INSD for the last three year and is also the HOD.

Mayur Amilkanthwar

Academic Head

He is a software engineer, who pursued Interior Designing as his career. Driven by immense passion for the field he has over five years of experience in commercial and residential site projects.

Mayur also decided to share his knowledge with a new generation of interior designers by starting to teach in the field. He is a staunch believer of how theoretical and practical knowledge go hand in hand. He has an academic experience of 9 years and has taught more than 3000 students till date. His outlook towards the field of education is about creating confident, bold and young designers who stand out and create breath-taking projects.

He is also the academic head of our institution for who’s skills of management and teamwork we absolutely appreciate

Sonal Thorat

Assistant Academic Head of the Department

Sonal is the former Head Of The Department of Fashion. Who is now the Assistant Head of the Academics. Sonal comes with over 9+ years of experience working as a creative Fashion Designer and Mentor. She has always had a passion towards fashion. Her specialization lies in being an expert in Computer softwares for Fashion design like Corel Draw, Photoshop etc. Sonal is hardworking and enjoys managing her students and faculties along with planning for photoshoot events and fashion shows.

Onkar Mandalik

Is the PR Head and faculty for Graphic Design, Onkar has been in the industry for the past 9 years. Carving his way towards success he has been contributing his skills and knowledge with INSD for more than 4 years. He has been one of the most interactive faculties of the Graphic Design Team. Previously, he has also accomplished his goal of starting his own Media and Entertainment Company. Onkar has freelanced various exclusive projects, among which the most featured project is working as a Character Animator for Disney

Taniya Thorat

Taniya Thorat has more than 5 years, of experience in art and design field. She is a creative problem solver who enjoys working with new styles and has experience across all mediums both online and offline. She follows design trends and has passion for bringing brands alive through great visual language – across brand. Her strong pursuits are Web Designing and Multimedia design.

Sunil Gadekar

Sunil Gadekar has more than 10 years, of teaching experience. He specializes in fashion illustration, character design, and painting. His qualifications are ATD, GD Art, BFA and Dip. AED. He has trained more than 2000 plus students. He is sharing his experience with INSD for more than 3 years. Sunil sir not only teaches art and design to Animation students but to all the other design courses as well.

Student Testimonials

I’m pursuing Masters program in Interior design from INSD Corporate Branch. I belong to a business class family, living in Delhi NCR. I completed my schooling in 2010 in science stream, and then I realized that science is not my cup of tea.
Ms. Rashi Verma
Student , Masters Programme in ID, Class of 2017

I was born and brought up in NEW DELHI, India. I belong to a Middle class family. I completed my schooling from a government school.

Ankit Khera
Student , Ad. Diploma Programme in FD, Class of 2017

Hi! I am pursuing Fashion design course from International school of design, corporate branch at Gujranwala town, Delhi.

Ms. Chavi Garg
Student , Bachelors Programme in FD, Class of 2017

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