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Interior Design Career

Conventionally students and parents look for careers in a very narrow spectrum of either engineering or medicine. There are careers in other disciplines which are not pursued by masses due to lack of awareness and information about what these careers entail. The design is one such career discipline which is flooded with a lot of creative opportunities.
The career in design has a lot of specialization and flavours. Product design, fashion design, graphic design, animation design, interior design and so on. If you have a good understanding of engineering drawing and have creativity, interior design may be an excellent career choice. If you have an interest in interior design, you should join a formal course at institutes like INSD Pune.
There are many strong reasons why should you pursue a career in interior design. We will explore some of them in more details.

The design is a Future-safe skill

Institute for the Future (IFTF) has published a report of future work skills for 2020. It has identified 10 skills listed above as the skills for the future workforce. If you go through them carefully, there are 3 skills which are very close to “design” namely Design mindset, Novel and Adaptive thinking and Transdisciplinarity.

A report says that every job in the future would need a mindset to think link designers. Every job aspirant needs to do some innovative thinking and he/she must have knowledge of not one but many relevant disciplines ( transdisciplinarity).

Wave automation has already started eliminating lower-end routine jobs that require a low level of cognitive skills. In parallel, there are opportunities created in high skill domains where things are more abstract and need more creativity like the design. All such jobs which inherently involve “design” or creativity are not repetitive and hence cannot be replaced by automation. Hence jobs in design could be thought of as future-safe jobs.

Interior design is Creativity Combined with engineering knowledge

career in Interior Design is combination of creativity & EngineeringMany engineer jobs may become routine after a while. However, this will not happen with interior design. You will end up getting a new challenge with every client. Interior design requires not only aesthetics but also knowledge of engineering. Because along with the beauty or looks of the space, the functionality of space is equally important. You just cannot design a grand beautiful looking space with lousy functionality. This makes interior design more challenging.

Demand for interior designers is growing

We are aware that India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Here rapid urbanization is taking place. With urbanization, lifestyle and consumption patterns are changing. With more disposable income at hand, people are fascinated by a luxurious lifestyle. They are attracted by huge elegantly designed shopping malls. All this fuels growth for interior design work.
In cities, there exists a diversity of culture due to the migration of people from different areas. This amalgamation of cultures also affects lifestyle. Interior designers are entrusted with the responsibility of designing homes or offices with certain cultural themes.
All this is helping the interior design industry to grow at a faster pace. Hence the demand for good interior designers is on the rise.

Speaking at expo organized by Institute of Indian Interior Designers, Mr. Manoj Wahi said, the Indian Interior Design Industry size on a conservative estimate is put Rs 20,000crore off. The sector is mostly unorganized, and the size could be even bigger he said. Moreover, added that it is growing at a rapid pace of 15 to 20 percent per annum.

Enjoy Freedom

Once you finish your program in interior design, you can start your career by joining an architecture or interior design firm. You can work under experienced professionals and develop your expertise. After gathering 3-4 years of good experience on challenging assignments, you may be able to start your own venture or firm. With experience, one can start specializing and even become an artist, blogger or photographer.
If you are creative and want to be your own boss, interior design could prove to be a great choice for your career.

More options for specialization

When you complete your degree program in interior design there are many areas in which you can specialize and make your mark. Based on your skills and interest there are ample opportunities available. The many possibilities for specialization are to become:

  • Set designer
  • Product designer
  • Graphic designer
  • Exhibition designer
  • Window display designer
  • Design trainer/mentor
  • Interior elements designer
  • Furniture designer
  • Artist
  • Blogger
  • Photographer

Salary is good

Average salary drawn salary by an interior designer is Rs. 3 lac according to

salary of Designer after Career in Interior Design

Good career growth

Though interior designer starts with an average salary of 15-20K per month, with experience his/her salary increases.

career growth in interior designAccording to

An entry-level Interior Designer < 5 years of experience can expect to earn an average of Rs 249,000

An Interior Designer between 5 to 10 years of experience can expect to earn an average of Rs 422,000

An experienced Interior Designer 10 to 20 years of experience can expect to earn an average of Rs 608,000

An Interior Designer with > 20 years of experience can expect to earn an average of Rs 800,000

Being an interior designer is a great choice of career. This career is unique in the sense that it is a combination of engineering knowledge and aesthetics with style.

Companies while hiring look at the candidates favorably if they have acquired a formal engineering degree in design. Why wait? If you have decided to pursue a career in interior design visit us at




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