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Interior Design Career Options after 12th

India is one of the fastest growing economies. Due to rapid urbanization, there are various changes occurring in Indian lifestyle and consumption preferences. With increasing disposable income and growing purchasing power, Indians have started developing taste for a luxurious lifestyle. And often the starting point of such a lifestyle is the home.

People are travelling to many places, migrate for jobs and bring in a lot of different cultures and practices. This diversity in culture also plays a major role in affecting lifestyle. In cosmopolitan cities people want their homes to be comfortable and also designed to their preferences or liking which are influenced by an amalgamation of different cultures.

All this is helping the interior design industry to grow at a faster pace. Hence the demand for good interior designers is on the rise. If you are creative and want to be your own boss, choosing a career in interior design could prove to be a great choice.

After finishing your course in interior design, there are many options based on your interest to start the work and establish yourself in this hyper-competitive market. You can join a company or work on an individual basis. Here are some of the career options available.

Interior Designer

You can start your career by joining an architecture or interior design firm. Here you would have a chance to work under and with some of the more experienced team members than you. There are a lot of interesting opportunities to learn and create something marvellous. You would get to work on different things every day.

After accumulating good work experience, you can start your own consulting or start your own venture.

Furniture Designer

Furniture is one of the critical components of interior design. If you are interested and have a good knowledge of the nuances of designing furniture, you can choose to specialize as a furniture designer. As a number of new houses built is increasing every year, the demand for ready-made or custom furniture would grow. With changing consumer preferences, there is a lot of scope for innovative furniture at homes and at offices.



Product Designer

Interior designers are creative and work with a lot of different materials like wood, cloth, plastic etc. Using approaches like design thinking, you can create products which not only look awesome but are very useful and are designed to give a better experience to the user.

You can choose and create various products in a wide range including furnishing, clocks, gift articles, curtains, showpieces and so on.

Specialized interior designer

Interiors of space are made up of many elements like flooring, ceiling, paints etc. Interior designer has to make the place not only aesthetically pleasing but functional also. A good designer would try to gain detailed knowledge and start understanding the nuances of each of these elements. As an interior designer, based on your liking, you can specialize in one or some of these elements like plywood, modular kitchen, fixtures, ornaments etc. There is a good demand for such specialized designers or you can even set up a shop to sell customized or modular elements.


Set Designers

We have seen big sets for films and TV shows. Many a time the film or TV serial is based on a specific period in the past like Before British Rule, Freedom struggle or mythology.

They demand the creation of that era on the sets. Interior designers could take up such challenging work of designing attractive sets. They create the design of the set as per the expectation of the director. They manage the team of a carpenter, lighting technicians, and decorators.


Exhibition designers

Hosting big event shows has become a new trend. We are very frequently witnessing award shows and music concerts hosted on large grounds. Very large sets are erected for this purpose. Interior designers are in demand for creating such eye-catching, scintillating sets.

Same is the case with exhibitions as they have become a regular phenomenon in cities. Interior designers would be entrusted with the responsibility of planning of the entire site, designing engaging stalls for such temporary installations.

Window display designers

Interior designers can play a key role in creating and enhancing the image of a shop. Typically, fashion shops would need the design of displays on festive occasions or at the time of launching a new collection. Interior designers can help in the marketing of a product with their innovative way of presenting the things. Similar services are required for designing stalls in exhibitions.

Design Trainer/Mentor

The design is something which is hard to learn just by reading textbooks. It needs to be learned by doing the design work under a good mentor. Good mentors are hard to find. If you have good acumen for design and love for teaching it to others, becoming a trainer in a design school can be a very fulfilling career.

Interior Designing is one of the best careers for creative people. With the help of appropriate training and practice in a good institute like INSD Pune, you will be able to start your journey to this world of infinite opportunities. Explore Career Opportunities in Interior Designing Courses


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