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India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Increasing disposable income, exposure to international brands, availability of internet and penetration of smartphones, tech-savvy young millennial are some of the key aspects which are driving the growth of retail industry, especially the fashion brands.

With all its glitz and glamour fashion industry attracts many young minds who aspire to pursue a career here. However, this career is just not for everybody’s cup of tea. It is important to check if you have something in you that can make you successful here.

Skills to become a great fashion designer

Here are some of these critical skills which one needs to acquire to become a great fashion designer. These skills can be grouped into three categories namely design skills, soft skills, and business skills.

Design skills

They are about the new designs a fashion designer creates.

Great Creativity

Creativity is an exceptional ability to see mundane, day to day things in the world with a completely different perspective. It is the ability to connect dots amongst things which appear to be completely unrelated. You happen to come across something and are suddenly inspired to create something, maybe a piece of art, which is out of this world. You see the fabric and are able to imagine a finished product which is completely orthogonal to the current trend, awesome and novel. Creativity is about not only imagining a new thing but also bringing it into a reality. And this is the most coveted skill for a fashion designer.

Strong Visualization

To turn your imagination into reality, what you need is a strong visualization skill. Just by looking at the fabric or a piece of jewelry, you should be able to visualize the complete finished product, the attire, what piece of jewelry would go with what kind of clothes etc. Stronger the visualization, better is the clarity. This will make your life easy while putting your ideas on paper. Your team would be able to perceive your idea with much clarity as it works towards the complete product.

Understanding Texture, Color, and style

As a designer, you require to have a good sense of texture, color, and style. The sense of color and style are like innate skills, you are born with them. You have an eye to understand that this color goes well with the other color or I should make this fabric 10% darker or lighter to enhance the impact.  Similarly, the garment which you are making would look flattering if done in silk or otherwise. With a good sense of color and use of fabric, all famous designers have a great sense of style. This makes their work unique.

Drawing skills and Eye for Detail

Fashion designers need to have a good ability to draw either on paper or with software on using the computer. This will help you put your novel concept on paper. Along with drawing skills, you need to have an eye for detail. The small details only make the product really stand out.

Soft Skills

This group includes software aspects like communication and teamwork. 

Excellent Communication, Interpersonal Skills, and Teamwork

This is one of the key skills you will need to be a great fashion designer. You may be very creative, great at visualization, but if you are not able to effectively communicate your imagination to your colleagues, it will be extremely difficult to produce in reality what you have imagined. One needs to have excellent communication and interpersonal skills so that the entire team works towards making the designer’s vision a reality. Ability to work with the team and taking the team along are also key traits of a great designer.

Passion and Interest in Current Fashion Trends

You need to be passionate about fashion. The person who is a “fashion buff” would track every event, happening currently in the fashion industry. Ethnic lehenga or short kurtas, what is more, trending and dominating in the current market? Such trends are vital and need to be tracked regularly. This will help you not only become a successful fashion designer but also stay ahead of the competition.

Business Skills

These skills depict good understanding of various aspects like sales, finance, and marketing of a business.

Good Business Sense

Successful fashion designers have a very good understanding of the business. In addition to creativity, they are also good at managing budgets, activities for effective sales and marketing. Without these skills, it is not possible to make the fashion brand sustain and profitable.

Acquiring skills to become a fashion designer with INSD Pune

We have discussed the critical skills needed for one to become a successful fashion designer. Some of these skills are innate but many of them can be acquired under the guidance of good mentors and coaches. Even the innate skills need to be honed and polished so that one is ready to stand confidently in the fiercely competitive market like fashion. Taking admission at INSD Pune will prove to be a great first step in this regard. INSD Pune is committed to enhance and nurture your talents and help you pursue your dream career in this glamorous fashion land.

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